Contact and Reservations
What are you waiting for? Come to Los Montes de Galicia and have a unique gastronomic experience

Contact information


Calle de Azcona, 46
28028 Madrid

Arranged Parking

Calle Martinez Izquierdo, 51
1 hour for FREE!

Opening Times

Come visit us Monday to Sunday, at these times:

Breakfasts: 09:00h – 12:00h
Kitchen Open: 13:30h – 16:00h y 20:30h – 24:00h
Snack and beer bar: 09:00h – 02:30h
Cocktail Bar: 13:00h – 02:30h


To make the reservation effective we’ll charge 20€ per person, this amount will be lost in case of cancellation.

Please call us in case you need the reservation in less than three days. It is only possible to book on the web for dates after those three days.