Contact and Reservations
What are you waiting for? Come to Los Montes de Galicia and have a unique gastronomic experience

Contact information


Calle de Azcona, 46
28028 Madrid

Arranged Parking

Calle Martinez Izquierdo, 51
1 hour for FREE!

Opening Times

Come visit us Monday to Sunday, at these times:

Breakfasts: 09:00h – 12:00h
Kitchen Open: 13:30h – 16:00h y 20:30h – 24:00h
Snack and beer bar: 09:00h – 02:30h
Cocktail Bar: 13:00h – 02:30h

Book by phone:

+34 91 355 27 86 / +34 91 361 49 33.

* To make the reservation effective we’ll charge 20€ per person, this amount will be lost in case of cancellation.