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Los Montes de Galicia

A top-quality culinary experience. Galician tradition meets high cuisine, in a cozy and fascinating environment


Celebrate with us our 25rd anniversary with a very special menu. It includes YARDEN wine, equivalent in value to the cost of the full menu.

The history of our kitchen

Jose Espasandín, businessman and restaurateur, sets in motion his life’s dream: having a place of his own that started as a neighborhood restaurant. Just like that, in 1997, Los Montes de Galicia was born. His dedication and the greatest care for details, as well as his strong commitment to quality products, quickly made the restaurant a success.

Today, 23 years later and after a great image renovation, Los Montes de Galicia is the main referent of Galician cuisine in Madrid.

A new gastronomic concept

Great variety of traditional dishes and our very own stylish and modern touch, have turned us into referents of Galician cuisine in Madrid

From the Sea

Specialty in fish and seafood, the base of Galician tradition.

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From the Mountain

Great variety of meats and sausages typical of our lands.


A mix of tradition and culinary vanguard.

Our Cocktail Bar

Besides enjoying the best Galician food, in our Cocktail Bar you may share a good aperitif, take a light “tapa” or have some after-work drinks. We have a great selection of spirits and, of course, no shortage of good “orujos” doing honor to our roots.

Come and taste your favorite cocktails or try something different like one of our own author cocktails. Here at Los Montes de Galicia, we not only cook the best dishes, we also make the best drinks.